Due to immense demand from our clients to expand our sales campaigns into new markets, we are aggressively growing our team of Account Managers, in addition to promoting top performers into management and leadership roles. We have opened several new market locations over the past 2 years and are looking to open 10 additional markets by 2022. Our firm provides a source of customer acquisition and sales for major telecom and entertainment clients. We help our clients by selling new technologies on their behalf to a current customer base, as well as bringing them new customer accounts to help grow their market share.


  • Competitive pay

  • National and international travel opportunities

  • Recognition for top performance

  • Full training (paid and ongoing)

  • Opportunity to grow within the company

  • An upbeat, and energetic team atmosphere

How does the Leadership Development Program work?

Our leadership development program provides opportunities for motivated individuals to excel. In order for our team to grow and gain a greater level of achievement and success, it requires consistent mentorship and genuine care.

Phase 1:

At the beginning of the program, you will learn about our fundamental promotional marketing system and client specifics. During this training phase, we cover specific product knowledge given through our current national satellite company partnership. Becoming savvy in the business of supply and demand will be one of the many skills you will learn and develop. Sales, negotiation, conversational tactics, and self-management, along with a great work ethic, mental fortitude and tenacity, will allow you to not only excel in this position, but will promote you onto phase two.

Phase 2:

You made it to your first promotion! The next step in the process will be to understand the three verticals of business: sales, training, and recruiting. In order to excel in this phase, you will be taught principles that will develop you personally and professionally, which will directly impact your role as a rising leader in the office. Coaching, time management, financial management, entrepreneurship and campaign management are the essentials you’ll learn and implement in this phase.

Phase 3:

Ready for the next challenge? Now you get the opportunity to set yourself apart.  To become a stand-out leader on our team, we want to teach and help you master your strategic planning, goal-setting, and public speaking.  The sales and promotional marketing skills you have learned thus far will be relevant, but it is no longer the main focus. Why? Because you’re working on becoming an assistant manager.

Phase 4:

Becoming an assistant manager is one of the hardest and most rewarding roles to earn in our office. Once you are promoted to an assistant manager, you will receive a 60 percent increase in pay and partial profit sharing. This phase of our training program is designed to prepare you to manage your own business as a managing partner. You will learn the fundamentals of business administration and finance alongside being an active leader. 

Phase 5:

Now you've arrived. Hello, manager! Every manager in our company is a fully-operating partner, enjoying full profit-sharing, corporate benefits, and the autonomy that comes with running your own business. You’re responsible for the daily operations of the office and the development and advancement of a team of fifteen to fifty people.


But wait. You might be more drawn to an administrative role. There’s opportunity for you, too. Our administrators are the lifeblood of our organization. As an administrator, you will not only be another significant leader in the office, but you will be a key player in our recruiting pipeline, data management, human resources, PR work, SEO, supply management, and financial reporting. There is tremendous growth and opportunity in this position. Like the other phases of the program, what you put in it, will be what you get out of it.

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